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10 of the biggest myths about assistive technology

Assistive technology is one of the cornerstones of creating a lived experience for people that’s accessible and equal.

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Have you added 'dyslexic thinking' to LinkedIn yet?

Both Griggs and Branson are encouraging LinkedIn users who have dyslexia to add the skill to their profile and to take part in what Griggs terms “a huge moment for dyslexics everywhere.’

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5 reasons why learners need further literacy support

Children and young people in Australia are in the middle of a nationwide spike in conditions like depression stress and anxiety, and schools are struggling to provide critical mental health support on such a scale.

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The early reading journey: book bands and reading schemes

With the start of every new semester, educators face the same challenges – but this year, the need for support that works is even more vital as we enact a long-term learning recovery. C-Pen Reader 2 has the power to change the narrative for hundreds of thousands of learners and open up learning across all areas of the curriculum.

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Reading schemes, reading levels and Book Bands

Learning to read is an exciting and important part of our early educational experiences. But it’s important to make sure that during these early days in school we’re reading the right thing for our skill level, and making sure that we’re developing our reading as well as enjoying the narrative.

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Creating a reading support toolbox

There are many tech solutions and devices that can make the reading experience for somebody with dyslexia more accessible. These are things that can be easily added to the reading experience and may allow readers to go forward with much more confidence, feeling supported and perhaps even foster a lifelong love of books and reading.

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Malta Secretariat for Catholic Education C-Pen ReaderPen™ Research Project

The commitment to change teaching and learning practices rests on the assumption that educators who are facing new realities in their classrooms feel the need to renew their professional practices. Realities of students with different learning needs and ethnicities summons for an inclusive school environment.

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