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Reading support for the workplace

Your recommended Secure Reader 2 features no internal storage, meaning it provides reading support while complying with Australia’s Privacy Act. This gives trainees a support that can provide a foundation of support that will carry on through their careers.

Along with its text-to-speech reading technology, it has various built-in dictionaries that encourage vocabulary growth giving your employees more reading independence.

Special offer for healthcare professionals

Do you work in healthcare but need a reading support your clients can trust? Add a Reader 2 to your professional toolkit at a unique offer of 50% discount. Get in touch with us below to take advantage of this great offer while it lasts!

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NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

Scanning Pens is a registered NDIS provider supplying low-cost assistive tech to assist those with reading differences. Get your best reading aid through NDIS.

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Supporting clients with the C-Pen Reader 2

And when you’re supporting your clients with reading tools, you're looking for dependable and easy to implement solutions: they want something to reduce their stress, not create more of it.

The C-Pen Reader 2’s award-winning text-to-speech design makes reading as simple as scan, listen and understand. There’s no Wi-Fi connection to worry about, and it’s easy to use for readers of all ages.

Free trials for those who support learners

We know that you want to explore for yourself, and discover how these devices could make reading easier for all. That’s why we offer a FREE trial for healthcare professionals.

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