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TAFE student support that knows the score

You’ll rarely find a TAFE learner who doesn’t feel observed when they’re relying on a teaching assistant for dyslexia support. It still beats reading unsupported, but it makes students feel singled out – visible to their peers – and frustrated that there won’t always be somebody there to support them.

Your recommended pen scanners above can give TAFE learners reading independence, ready for their next steps.

Give learning a boost on TAFE language courses

Those on a TAFE English course or students with English as an Additional Language (EALs) often find they need support in order to develop fluency.

Assistive technology devices that feature dictionary definition software, scan-to-file functionality, and text-to-speech to support pronunciation are often extremely helpful in providing a consistent language model.

Luckily, we know a little about those.

Building foundations for the future

By giving learners reliable text-to-speech reading support, we’re giving them the skills to go out and take charge of their futures. Reading comprehension, vocabulary growth, exam revision – it’s all possible with the right support.

When students in need of provisions switch focus from trying to read the text to comprehending the content within it, that’s where focused learning happens.

Education support TAFE students can rely on…

There was a Year 11 student who’s got quite significant reading needs – she took C-Pen Reader 2 and Exam Reader 2 home, got to grips with them straight away, and really found that it made a significant difference to her.

Her parents were so positive about them, and said what a difference it made both to her reading for pleasure at home and her confidence in her exams.

— Patricia Dale, Specialist Teacher and Assessor, Harrow Way Community School

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