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The next generation of reading pens

Students, parents, employees—at any time in your life you can find out that you need reading support. A good assistive technology is life changing. That's where a text-to-speech pen scanner comes in.

Welcome to Scanning Pens, the world’s favourite place to find reading support!

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Nurtures reading independence with tech.

Discover a new level of reading independence when you’re supported with the right pen scanner. Whether you’re at the start of your learning journey or looking to support someone else, we’re here to help!

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Meet the #ScanningSquad

The Scanning Squad are a group of people who have experienced the benefits of their pen scanners. Here, you can get honest answers to your questions and see what users like you think about the devices they use and how they can foster reading confidence.

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Support that keeps on giving..

Your reading support doesn’t stop at delivery. After your purchase, you’ll also get FREE access to a whole library of carefully tailored Training Resources, including in-depth lesson plans and engaging learning activities.