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Support Literacy and prison reading with the Secure Reader 2

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C-Pen Secure Reader 2

$405.00 (GST Exempt)
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Dyslexia in Australian prisons

Feelings of isolation and poorer mental health is almost guaranteed in these kinds of environment which are only made worse by the obstacles reading differences can provide. Importantly, it can create a barrier between individuals and learning opportunities that can improve chances of reintegration.

Nurturing reintegration

The goal is fewer individuals returning to a secure setting once they have completed their sentence – and it’s literacy that opens the door. Put education at the heart of correctional facilities as it gives individuals access to opportunities that may be unreachable without literacy. This can even give people the tools to ease their rehabilitiation when the time comes.

Our free device trials for prisons

We offer prisons throughout Australia the chance to try out our devices with a free trial. Discover how a pen scanner could revolutionise reading where you are:

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